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Tax Efficient Investment Planning

In 2012, after 15 years of independent consulting, Jason Forrest established Fortress Financial Group  with the philosophy of helping families secure their future retirement through tax focused investment and insurance solutions. 

We focus on building real relationships and establish deep connections with our clients. What is important to them and their families, is important to us. 

Maneuvering through today’s economy is challenging and often complicated, we are here to simplify these challenges through a relaxed atmosphere and engaged meeting process.

The Fortress Team

At Fortress Financial Group, our office culture and team spirit is equally as important as crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s of our paperwork. We want all of our team members to feel empowered in their work and know they are an integral part of the overall success of our practice. 

We know the right group of individuals, working together yet specializing in different areas, is most effective in providing the superior level of service our clients have grown to expect from Jason over the years. 

All of our team members are focused on the same goal, striving for excellence in ensuring our clients feel cared for, understood, and valued knowing their financial future is secure.